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How works Neptune?



We follow the Green IT Standards and green tech group work in order to continuously improve our process.

Kairos Agency, the editor of Neptune, is a signatory of the Planet Tech Care.

Stripes lines.
Stripes lines.

Lighter web pages


This is what the user sees.

This impacts the site’s ecology, particularly on:

  • • Weight and quantity of photo and video content.
  • • Link to external modules (Social networks, affiliation, Google maps).
  • • Animations

Lighter content management system


This is the engine of the site, it manages functionality and content.

CMS like Wordpress or Prestashop have many features.

They have a certain weight and depending on the websites, will be useful or not. For simple sites, it is not mandatory to use a CMS.


Optimize the data road


This is where the website pages and CMS are saved.

The server is set up on a hard disk which saves it.

Often it is a host that provides this service.

The server will manage the data call, it is the one that transmits the information of the pages and CMS to the Internet users who connect on a URL.

We optimized the server and data exchange structures, as well as selecting a local hosting to reduce the data path.

We work with sustainable hosting solutions such as Infomaniak or O2switch.


Less is more


When we conceive our marketing and brand strategies, we aim at reducing all possible impacts.

The logo are in light colors to reduce ink usage, we limit videos, newsletter.

By defining surgical targeting, we slow down to speed it up : our ROI explode by carefully constructing our campaigns and designs.