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4% of greenhouse gas emissions are linked to digital activity. This pollution even exceeded the one caused by air transport.




The weight of a web page has multiplied by 115 in 20 years (from 1995 to 2015) from 14 KB to 1600 KB. A web page today weighs on average heavier than video games of the 90s [2.3 MB].

Frédéric Bordage - Green IT Blog

By 2025, this percentage will have doubled.

Source study 2019 ADEME
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« There is an urgent need to reduce the weight for digital services. »

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It is necessary to rethink our ways of producing, to preserve this fragile balance, as much as possible.

Astonished by the discovery of these figures, it was in 2019 that Kairos’ founder ask herself how to make a contribution to this change, in the form of a tangible solution.

The whole Kairos team has mobilized to work to develop a new way to create more sober digital solutions.

Since 2020 all our sites are produced according to the Neptune model, we eco-build our websites, application and digital tools.

We also engage our services into the construction of low tech strategies and slow advertising.

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