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Good eco-design practices

Eco-design allows the design of less energy-consuming and more environmentally friendly websites with better performance compared to more traditional design practices.

Here are our tips to best optimize your site with Neptune :

Optimize your images

  • Use images in 72 dpi.

  • Use images in the right format (png if transparency, otherwise jpeg).

  • Resize your images to the right size according to their display on the site.

  • For experts: use photoshop to optimize images. When exporting, click on Save for the web and you will find the possibility to configure the formats seen previously.

  • Go to and click and drop your images to automatically optimize them.


  • Install as few plugins as possible.

  • Check the compatibility of plugins with the latest version of wordpress.


  • Don’t make the page too long.

  • Do not load superfluous script (example: jQuery).

Web hosting

  • Adopt ecological web hosting. Choose an ecological and local server (we recommend 02 switch if you’re in France).

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